SRI Management & Others Lead Technology Conversation

Rich DeLong

Technology advancements are reshaping how communities engage residents and their families, and SRI Management‘s Senior Director of Experience Rich DeLong knows all about it. He was selected to be on a June 1, 2022, panel discussing the ways technology is enhancing the resident experience today, trends likely to be seen in the future, and how to prepare to use new technology in senior communities.

While in Orlando, the Senior Housing News DISHED/WELLNESS event combined the two hottest sectors in the resident experience and brought together the executives from providers defining the trends in today’s marketplace.

“Technology is something not to be feared in senior living,” DeLong said. “Embracing change that is good is what we’re looking to incorporate into our community experiences. There are things like personal assistants to help schedule and just as important to help remember those scheduled appointments. But senior tech goes beyond the Google and Alexas of the world.”

The event was fast-paced, hyper-focused, delivered unparalleled access for providers looking to listen and learn from their peers, and was an incredible opportunity for building relationships with service providers.

In the technology space, the wellness experience was discussed at length. Using the in-person technology that comes with exercise apparatuses like the S3 Balance to hiring technology concierges in each community to seamlessly blend technology with the resident’s experience. One example is using in-room concierge services like that of Caavo TV.

“Getting to interact with others in this space was amazing,” DeLong said. “What excites me is that technology is helping seniors live a more comfortable life. I can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon.”