SR Companies is a people-first company that supports, invests, and develops service-related companies.

The companies and teams making up SR Companies have the overriding philosophy of People Serving People because all people are valuable. This is done by a single vision to treat others in the same manner in which we would want to be treated, the Golden Rule.

Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, SR Companies has a successful 20-year history of developing and managing senior housing communities and hotels as a high-touch, results-oriented operator. Our core values of character, compassion, commitment, consistency, and communication have allowed us to create an effective business model by putting those we serve first.

From an owner’s perspective, SR Companies conceptualizes, develops, and manages buildings focused to achieve optimal results in financial performance, investor returns, and quality-of-life for residents and guests all while ensuring associate satisfaction and retention.

Meet the Team

Chantel Arnold

Human Resources Generalist

As the Human Resources Generalist, I work closely with the Senior Director of Human Resources and responsible for assisting with the execution of human resource strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of SR Companies.

I serve as a resource for community leaders for general human resource questions and needs, as well as manage the FMLA process, worker’s compensation and claims management, and assist with benefits management, training, and employee relation matters.

With over ten years of human resources experience and a Master of Social Work degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, I have operated in many different human resource positions for various state agencies. Working at SR Companies challenges me but also allows me to do what I love to do: Help others so they can serve others.

Austin Bishop

Corporate Director of Marketing

As Corporate Director of Marketing, I oversee the social media side for our senior living communities. I monitor all social channels and find ways to drive engagement with each post.

Along with overseeing social media, I help produce video and picture content. From virtual tours to filming videos, I help oversee the production, completion, and implementation of these tours and videos while also keeping our print collateral up to date.

Senior housing, as well as hospitality, has always been of interest to me as I have been around this line of work ever since I could remember. It was going to events with my dad that made me want to be a part of senior housing and even more the SR Companies team. Starting off as an intern in April of 2020, I was able to work in multiple departments which help drive my desire for senior housing and more specifically, the desire to help seniors have the best experience possible.

Don Bishop

Founder & CEO

I’m Don Bishop, the owner and an original founder of the company. It is my privilege to lead a great team of individuals that, collectively, strive to exceed the expectations of our owners, residents and guests. One of my goals for our team is to transform the standard in which people view senior housing.

I did not set out to work in this industry. After graduating with a degree in Economics from Florida State University, I went to work for a healthcare consulting firm, monitoring trends in healthcare through market evaluations of economic, demographic and service utilization databases. Ultimately, it was the frustration of seeking an acceptable retirement community for my aunt, that steered my future course toward the creation of better options for our aging population.

Senior housing has changed significantly in the last few decades. An industry that was once perceived as warehouses for the old, is evolving with specialized care, care assistance and residential “living” environments. SRI Management is becoming a leader in this evolution, combining new technologies that improve quality of life, and standards from the world of hospitality, that shift attitudes toward “enhancing your stay” rather than “enduring your life.”

Today, we have the right corporate team to shape a bright future. However, we know we are only as good as the visionary owners we align with, and the caring team members at our communities and properties. It’s important to all of us that we choose wisely.

Dave Cone

Vp of Communications

My role as the Vice President of Communications is to oversee all corporate communications, messaging, and branding activity. With 18 years of experience in communications mixed with technology, data strategy, and team management, I bring a unique perspective to the VP of Communications role at SR Companies.

Prior to SR Communities, I served as the Florida Department of Management Services’ Data Analytics Officer. In that role, I used data to help the agency make better organizational decisions, simplify processes, and spearheaded their 2019 rebranding effort.

Prior to my role at DMS, I served as the Director of Marketing & Communications for the Florida Institute of CPAs, managing communications and marketing projects. It was my charge to help bridge the gap between the worlds of communication and technology through strategic planning by way of data analytics while capitalizing on member data.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from the University of Florida.

Eli Dorman

Communications Specialist

As SR Companies’ Communications Specialist, I help develop, execute, and monitor communication programs.

I’ve been with SR Companies since February 2019 and absolutely love my job. I love seeing our team’s tasks and projects go from merely ideas to being executed in the real-world helping our residents and their families have an experience like no other.

Each day I wake up excited to work on something new and exciting that will be a positive impact on others.

Cyndi Dotson

Vp of Human Resources

As Vice President of Human Resources, I am responsible for leading SR Communities’ overall human resources strategy including organizational culture, leadership development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, employee education and development, and legal compliance. I truly believe employees are the heart of any organization, and I strive towards an organizational culture embracing this philosophy.

With over 20 years of experience in the human resource field, I recognize the challenges facing today’s employers as well as the workforce. I am committed to bridging the gap between employer and employee to build a cohesive team that delivers high-quality service and commitment to our clients.

After stumbling into the HR field in 1998 through a series of job opportunities focused on employee relations and benefits, I quickly developed a love for working with people and began to pursue career advancement in the field. Since then, I have held positions as Human Resource Specialist, Human Resources Manager, and ten years as Director of Human Resources for a statewide association. These roles, as well as my education and certification as Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), have well prepared me to lead SR Companies’ human resource team and ensure we are a premier employer in the senior housing industry.

Todd Filippone

Executive VP

As Executive Vice President, my focus is new-community construction and acquisitions. Working alongside developers, from the conceptual stage to opening the doors of a community, allow me to gain great perspective in different markets, price point, and future-resident needs and wants. Community acquisitions allow me to oversee the full due-diligence process from licensure to the operational transition of all departments.

From volunteering at a young age in a skilled nursing home to becoming the maintenance assistant during the summer months, to eventually moving into community operations after graduating from California University of Pennsylvania, senior housing is the only industry I have ever known. I truly believe those experiences in multiple Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states over my career have allowed me to understand various state regulations and markets.

The future of the senior housing industry is bright, and at SR Companies, we possess the unique ability to quickly adapt to the industry or a specific market to ensure operational needs are met.


Wade Goodman

Vp of Marketing & Sales

As Vice President of Marketing and Sales, I have the opportunity to oversee all marketing efforts for the SR Companies’ portfolio. I believe marketing is about guiding people to a solution that meets real needs. The challenge, of course, is to truly understand the need.

After spending more than 20 years in the software industry focusing on development, programming, support, and sales, I realized the importance of understanding and meeting customer needs. This drove me into a passion to connect with people as a trusted guide for their journey. Marketing served as the perfect vehicle for this passion.

With a mix of technology, data-driven processes, customer service experience, and a business marketing and psychology degree from Liberty University, I have a unique perspective to help position SR Companies’ properties as a trusted source for senior living and hospitality. For me, marketing is simply about building trust.

I want people to experience our services in the most honest way possible. To do that we focus on a strong data-driven approach to marketing – one that provides us a place to learn and understand while remaining flexible and nimble to change as needed. It all comes back to how best to guide people to the solutions, help, and services they need most. This is also essential to staying ahead of the competition while better positioning SR Companies and its other companies in existing and emerging markets.

Kim Hollingshed

Senior Director of Human Resources

As the Senior Director of Human Resources, I am responsible for managing and providing guidance and support to our corporate, hospitality, and senior living community’s HR team members in the areas of employee relations, performance management, coaching, training, policy, and procedures. Additionally, in collaboration with the VP of Human Resources, I assist with the development and execution of human resource strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization.

With over 10 years of notable Human Resources experience, I have held positions for both fast-growing and large established companies in different industries. My extensive and diverse background includes strategic human resource management and planning, performance management, federal and state law compliance, employee benefits management, employee wellness and safety, recruitment, training and development, and management coaching. My passion includes creating cultures of collaboration and implementing change to achieve workforce excellence.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Human Resource Management from Florida State University and a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Troy University.

Valarie McKee

Executive Assitant

As the Executive Assistant, I work on new licensing for our Florida senior living communities, as well as, continuing the bi-annual renewals of licenses. When other changes take place in a community, such as a change of ownership, I assist in this process.

Many other duties and responsibilities include vehicle licensing, maintenance, and many other general office duties. I have worked in the healthcare field throughout my career and have always enjoyed caring for people. As my parents were aging and I lived far from them, the idea of senior living appealed to me because in some way I could be caring for someone’s parents the way I hope others were caring for mine.

Robinson Neidhardt

Senior Director of Technology

As the Corporate Director of Information Technology, I am responsible for leading SR Companies IT operations and strategy. This includes overseeing the day-to-day support, as well as planning future growth, and adoption of new technology to improve our team’s experience for the various organizations under the SR Companies umbrella.

With over 20 years of experience, I understand that technology can be a hindrance or a help, and I believe when technology is implemented and utilized properly, it allows our teams to focus on the part of their job that really matters, taking care of our residents.

After tackling computer, server, and network issues while I was in the Navy in 1996, my IT career began. I discovered the common experience across the industries I have worked in has been IT is difficult to work with and often unfriendly, and unhelpful. I believe service with a smile, problem resolution with a laugh, and creating an environment of helpfulness benefit everyone.

I have held positions starting in Help Desk support, to IT Director, working on business processes and strategy across multiple industries. My experience in the past has prepared me to help move SR Companies’ technology forward and ensure we are able to provide our teams with the tools they need while ensuring our residents and guests will receive the best experience they deserve.

Bonnie Wilson

Senior Accountant

As Senior Accountant for SR Companies with a focus on hospitality, I am responsible for the daily accounting functions and monthly financials. I am also an accounting resource for the owners and general managers of the hotels that we manage.

With more than 20 years of accounting experience, I have worked in many different areas of accounting including accountants payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, budgeting, financial reporting, and auditing.

After leaving a state agency position in 2000, I had an opportunity to do an entry-level accounting position and found my niche and have worked with many types of organizations including non-profits, construction, associations, as well as hotels. Accounting for hotels is by far the most interesting in my career.

Margaret Zubrick

Adminstrative Assistant & Event Guru

My husband and I had recently relocated his mom from Ohio to Florida where we went through the process to find an Independent Living community for her in Tallahassee. We realized how important it is to find a community that is caring and shows compassion for its residents.

After going through this process, I wanted to reenter the workforce and work for a company helping those seeking senior housing. Prior to retiring, I was a meeting planner for nearly 20 years and I have brought those experiences and skills to SR Companies.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of SR Companies because I can truly say our company cares for its employees, residents, guests, and their families.