SRI Management Announces Corporate Lead Managers

We would like to welcome three new SRI Management corporate hires to the team. Many will recognize their names and faces since these great folks have worked in various communities we manage.

Alexis Ekberg, Julia White, and Michelle Donnahoo are each stepping into a newly created position called a Corporate Lead Manager, or CLM for short. This role is responsible for managing leads both old and new in conjunction with the on-site Director of Sales at each one of our communities.

“I’m excited to have Alexis, Julia, and Michelle in this new role for SRI Management,” Vice President of Marketing Wade Goodman said. “They are going to really help people get the care they need faster by helping them navigate senior living.”

Some duties of the new role include responsibility for oversight of all leads to drive census while improving our lead to tour conversion.

Not only that, the team is also responsible for generating external business leads and referrals through SRI Management’s proven sales strategies all the while helping identify underperforming communities and develop and implement strategies to increase leads and census.

“The new role is one we’re thrilled to introduce,” Senior Corporate Director of Sales Kristy LeBlanc said. “While working throughout our communities, the Corporate Lead Managers will work hand-in-hand with local sales teams to provide future residents a better sales experience which helps us reach more leads faster.”

We were proud to have them in our communities and are now proud to work with them in this new role.